Configuration overview

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Configuration overview

In this feature, you can:

  • Manage your WebStore preferences and configuration options

To access config options, do the following: 

  1. Login to your WebStore Manager.
  2. Go to Settings > All Config Options.

All config options

  • You can browse the tabs that the options are divided into:
    • Product
    • Display
    • Product Panel
    • Advanced Search Bar
    • SEO
    • Customer
    • Shipping
    • Checkout
    • Product Search
    • Security
    • Amazon
    • View Orders
  • Find an option by using the Filter search box.
  • To enable or disable most options, you need to select the checkbox and click on the Save button.
  • For some options, you may need to, e.g., select configuration from drop-down menu, enter label name, or insert API key:

Note: Options in your WebStore configuration depends on the branch you are on, and you may not see all the options described.

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