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Cookie Preferences
WebSell has released a new configuration option allowing your customers to specifically give consent to marketing cookies.
Abandoned cart notification
Email a registered store user when they add items to their basket but don’t finalize a purchase.
reCAPTCHA v3 anti spam test
Learn the differences between reCAPTCHA v3 and reCaptcha v2.
Enabling reCAPTCHA v3
Enable reCAPCTHA v3 on your WebStore.
Displaying a summary of the existing basket
Display a summary of the current basket, if there's any item, which can be edited.
Enabling Bing maps on your WebStore
Enable Bing Maps on your WebStore
Enabling back in stock notifications
Activate a back-in-stock email notifications.
Including a virtual keyboard on your WebStore
Allow shoppers to be able to enter values into text input boxes
Google universal analytics integration
Google universal analytics integration In this feature, you can:  Provide your business with much more accurate visit statistics To access this feature, do the following:  Login to your WebStore Manager. Go to Settings > ...