Carousel Builder


Carousel builder: All topics
A list of articles on the carousel builder.
Creating and editing carousels
Creating and editing pre-existing carousels.
Carousel types
A list of default carousel types available on your WebStore.
Populating carousels manually
Populating your carousels manually.
Populating carousels by rule
Populating carousels by rule.
Populating carousels with images
Populating a carousel with images.
Populate carousel from a field
Populating a carousel by custom field.
Setting your carousel options
A list of important carousel options.
Populating carousels with historic data
Populating carousels with data from previous purchases made on your WebStore.
Populating carousels with discounted items
Populating the carousel with discounted products on your WebStore.
Adding a carousel to a template
Adding a carousel into a template.
Special Values in Rule-based carousels
Special values can be used when populating your carousel by rule.