Creating and editing content tabs

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Creating and editing content tabs

In this feature, you can: 

  • Add, remove, and modify tabs assigned to a given product
  • Edit and rename tabs
  • Set the status
  • Remove the assignment of content tabs to your product or delete them completely
  • Preview content tabs

To create and assign content tabs, do the following: 

  1. Login to your WebStore Manager.
  2. Go to Design & Content > Content.
  3. Select Content tabs.

Note: These features were funded by Conn’s Cameras, and they have graciously agreed for them to be released generally and to be used by non-competing sites.

The content tab page

  • When you select Content tabs, you can view a list of all your current content tabs.
  • To filter the content tabs, click Show Filters.
  • This option allows you to filter the content tabs by following criteria:
    • Department
    • Category
    • Subcategory
    • Brand
    • Status
  • Use the search box to search for tabs by using keywords.

Create and edit content tabs

You can create, remove, and update the status of content tabs, or assign products to multiple tabs at the same time.

To create and edit content tabs, do the following: 

  1. Click Create New.
  2. Enter the tab name, this is an internal name and will not be visible on your WebStore.
  3. Enter the tab label, this will be visible on your WebStore.
  4. Click Create.
  5. You can rename, deactivate, or remove a content tab.
  6. You can preview a content tab after you have assigned a tab to a product on your WebStore.

Note: If you remove a content tab, it will no longer be displayed for any assigned product.

Assigning a content tab to a product

To assign a tab to a product, do the following:

  1. Click Assign.
  2. You can use the store navigation or search bar to find products.
  3. Select the product and click Assign.

Note: If you rename or edit a content tab it will still be assigned to the product.

Removing content tabs from a product

To remove a content tab from a product, do the following:

  1. Click Edit on the content tab page.
  2. Under Assigned Products, you can view a list of products currently assigned to that particular content tab.
  3. Select the product you want to remove and click Remove Assignment. 

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