Adding currencies to your WebStore

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 Adding currencies to your WebStore

Using this feature you can:

  • Set your default currency
  • Add multiple currencies to your store
  • Set up GEO IP 

To add a currency, do the following: 

  1. Login to your WebStore Manger.
  2. Go to Payments > Currencies.

Setting your default currency

Your store must always have a default currency.

Warning: If you don't have a default currency set you will receive an error message on your WebStore.

To set a default currency, do the following:

  1. Select the Add New + button.
  2. Code enables you to select your currency code.
  3. Set the Rate to 1.
  4. The Mode allows you to enable or disable the exchange rate conversion.
  5. Primary Price Field enables you to assign a currency to a specific section.
  6. The Secondary Price Field is set if the first primary field is unavailable.
  7. Check Enabled to make the currency visible on your WebStore.
  8. To add the default currency, check Make this currency the default currency.   

Note: If you select a new default currency, the previous one will be removed.

Multi currencies

Set up multiple currencies to enable customers to pay for their orders in their local currency. 

  1. Select your currency code via Code
  2. Enter in the Rate. The rate will be different for each currency.
  3. Enable or disable the conversion rate in ModeIf you disable the conversion rate the rate will not be implemented and the price of your product will remain the same as the default
  4. Set the currency to a Primary Price Field
  5. Check Enabled to enable the currency.
  6. Do not check Make this currency the default currency

To automatically change the currency based on the customers' location enable Use GEO IP country code to auto-select shopper currency.

Geo IP

Geo IP will access your customers' location and switch the default currency to the customers local currency. 

To enable GeoIP please do the following:

  1. Go to Settings > All Config Options.  
  2. Using the search bar enter Geo IP
  3. Select Use GEO IP country code to auto-select shopper currency.
  4. Check Use GEO IP country code to auto-select shopper currency.
  5.  Enter the country and currency codes to add a country to the list
  6. Country and currency codes must be in uppercase.
  7. Currency codes must be three letters.
  8. You can add or delete a country by clicking the + or x icon.

Note: The country and currency codes added to the GEO IP must match the codes implemented in the WSM otherwise it won't work.

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