Editing templates

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Editing templates

In this feature, you can:

  • Edit templates

To edit templates, do the following: 

  1. Login to your WebStore Manager.
  2. Go to Design & Content > Edit Templates.

Warning: If you are not comfortable with editing HTML and do not have experience with web scripting languages, it is advisable to seek WebSell's assistance with changes to these templates.

Editing templates

  • Choose a template to edit by selecting from the drop-down menu provided
  • Once you have a selected a template, you can begin editing.
  • In this example, we will edit the Login Panel.
  • We will edit a sentence.
  • Click Save Changes.
  • If you are happy with your preview, click make the change live or you can return to editing.

Contact us

If you have any problems with this feature, contact our support team by opening a ticket.