Editing the blog most viewed panel

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Editing the blog most viewed panel

In this feature, you can: 

  • Learn to edit and modify the blog most viewed panel.

To edit and modify the blog landing page, do the following:

  1. Login to your WebStore Manager.
  2. Go to Design & Content > Edit Templates.
  3. Scroll to the Blog header.
  4. Select the Blog most viewed list.

Warning: If you are not comfortable with editing HTML and do not have experience with web scripting languages, it is advisable to seek WebSell's assistance with changes to these templates.

The blog most viewed panel

  • This panel lists out the most visited blog articles on your store.
  • Every time someone visits a blog article a counter is incremented on the platform. 
  • This allows us to order the articles by page views.
  • The articles are listed from the most viewed article down to the least viewed article.

Number of articles displayed

  • The default behaviour is to display 8 items in this panel. 
  • If you want this to be different please open a ticket with the support team quoting this article.

Contact us

If you have any problems with this feature, contact our support team by opening a ticket.