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  Setting up your EU tax

Using this feature you can:

  • Set up your EU tax

To set up your EU tax, do the following:

  1. Login to your WebStore Manager.
  2. Go to Shipping & Taxes > Tax Setup.
  3. Follow the guide below.

Note: It is your responsibility to contact local tax authorities or a certified tax advisor to ensure that you are charging the correct tax.


  • Different types of VAT rates can be applied to certain goods and services
  • The VAT rate varies from country to country
  • For customers in your own country, your local VAT rate is charged
  • For customers in other EU countries, the rate is determined by whether you exceed the registration threshold.
  • The threshold is a fixed amount of money in that country's currency
  • When your sales exceed the threshold amount, or if you have a significant business presence in that country,  your business is required to register for local taxes
  • These thresholds limitations vary from country to country.
  • If you do not exceed the threshold you will be charged your local VAT rate.

Vat number

  • The VAT number is used to charge VAT to your customers in the EU
  • Your value-added tax identification number serves to identify you and your business when you register for VAT
  • Every EU country issues its own national VAT number

Note: Please contact local tax authorities to setup your VAT.

Tax rates

  • Certain items will have different rates depending on the type of product and the country you are selling in. For example, in Ireland, children's clothes and shoes are subject to a VAT rate of 0
  • Some items are tax-exempt such as gift cards

Learn more at:  EU VAT rates

Sales tax

Warning: The sales tax must be implemented before you can assign an item tax.

  1. Select the Add New Sales Tax +.
  2. Enter the name and rate.
  3. Click Save.
  4. You can edit or delete by using the icons under Actions.


Items tax

  1. Select the Add New Item Tax +.
  2. Enter the name, the parent sales tax, and the country the tax applies to.
  3. Click Save.

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