Gift wrapping

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                                     Gift wrapping

 In this feature, you can:

  •  Set up a fee for the gift wrapping of purchases from your WebStore
  • Enable or disable gift wrapping from your WebStore
  • Define and add rules to change the way gift wrapping works on the WebStore based on certain conditions

To set up gift wrapping on your WebStore, do the following: 

  1. Login to your WebStore Manager.
  2. Go to Products > Gift Wrapping.

 Note: Gift wrapping is not compatible with product customization. If you are using product customization, gift wrapping will be set up as an additional customization called gift wrapping

Gift wrapping rules

The NitroSell rule configurator is used to add a rule:

  1. Click Add new rule.
  2. Select your Condition Source.
  3. Choose your Condition Operator.
  4.  Add your Value. 
  5. Click Add. 
  6. Select the Action that will be performed if all conditions of the rule are met.
  7. Once the rule has been added it will be visible on the checkout page.

Note: In this example, we have set a rule that states if the order total is over 20.00 then the gift wrapping charge will be set to 10.00 

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