How to change or fix URL's

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How to change or fix product URL'S

In this feature, you can: 

  • Create a new URL for a product

Changing a products URL's

There are two ways of regenerating product URLs: 

  1.  Change the structure of the URLs in your WebStore Manager.
  2. Remove the product online and bring it back. 
  • The former is probably the cleanest but the change will affect all your products 
  • You can always bring back the old URL format.
  • The latter will only affect this particular product but has the side effect that the product won’t be available in your store for the duration of your update (which can be short of course). 
  • In this option, the new URL will be created during the synchronisation process and obviously the old URLs will be automatically redirected to the new URL (via an implicit 301).

Tip: We recommend using the second approach.

  • There is actually an option in the SEO option of the WebStore Manager that normalizes URLs by removing any special characters that they may have.

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