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Using this table you can:

  • View the list of various field names that are available throughout the WebStore
  • The table contains the field name, description, string type, and requirements.

Field Name

  • This is the name that will be used throughout the WebStore
  • E.g. If you are entering in the name of a product its field name will always be Product Name.

Field Description

  • Field descriptions will give a clear explanation of how the field works.

String Type

  • String types will show you how each field should be formatted. 
  • E.g. if the string type is an integer you will be entering a number. 


  • If the field name is required, this means that the field name must be filled in. 
  • E.g. If price is set as required then in all areas where the price is requested must be entered. 

Field Name Attributes

Field Name  Field Description  String Type Required
Product NameThe name of your product. Eg: iPhone XStringYes
Product CodeProduct Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). An SKU is a unique code consisting of letters and numbers that identify characteristics of each product, such as manufacturer, brand, style, colour, and size.IntegerYes
PriceThe price of the product. Don't include any currency symbols. For example, 9.99. DecimalYes
Price LevelsPrice levels are the levels each customer is on: either Standard price, price level A, price level B or price level C.

Price levels only apply to customers that are pushed from the point of sale.  The retailer assigns the customers at a price level.

We leverage price levels for membership pricing as well, where a customer can add a membership product to the basket to avail of a price level.

StockThe total amount of the product that is available to sell.Integer Yes
Product DescriptionThe product description contains information about the product. E.g, Colour, type, etc. StringNo
Department nameThe name of the department the product belongs to. Eg: A bracelet would belong to the department labelled: 'Jewellery'.StringNo
CategoryA group of items that share the same characteristics. E.g, Bracelets would be a category in the Jewellery department. StringNo
Sub-CategoryA secondary category. E.g, In the Bracelet category there could be a sub-category of Silver Bracelets.StringNo
Price APlease view price levels.DecimalNo
Price BPlease view price levels.DecimalNo
Price CPlease view price levels. DecimalNo
Web PriceThe "regular" price of the item on your WebStore.DecimalNo
Brand The brand name of your product. E.g, Adidas, Prada, Nike, etc. StringNo
ThemeThe theme of your product is a list of features that your product has.StringNo
Short DescriptionA short description will briefly summarise what the product is and how it works.StringNo
WeightThe weight of the item. DecimalNo
No Web SaleA flag indicating that the item is not for sale online and can only be bought in-store. StringNo
TaxableA boolean stating whether your product is taxable or not. Boolean No
RatingThe rating reported by a review on the product.IntegerNo
Department CodeThe code of the department your product is based.IntegerNo
Hide Product?If your product is temporarily out of stock or you are no longer selling the item you can choose to hide the product. This makes the item hidden from view. It can be then disabled by unchecking the checkbox when you edit the item.BooleanNo
Item TaxThe tax configured for the item. You can choose the tax implemented on a product when editing or creating a new product. Examples of an item tax would be: 23% VAT.IntegerNo
Quantity DiscountA discount based on the number of items a user has purchased. E.g, Buy X get Y for Z discount.IntegerNo
Custom text Enter a custom text about a given productStringNo
Custom numberEnter a custom number about a given productIntegerNo

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