Setting your webstore's time zone

Your online store is always open for business, thanks to the web's 24/7 accessibility. However, your employees can't work around the clock and need to rest at times. That's why it can be helpful to associate your webstore with a specific time zone.

By linking your store to a time zone, you can display the correct store hours on your website and set a deadline for same-day shipping. This feature not only keeps your customers informed but also helps you manage your team's workload more effectively.

How to set your time zone

If you want to ensure that your customers have accurate shipping information, we've got you covered! We've recently added a new feature to WebStore Manager (WSM) that allows you to choose a city within your time zone. This feature also adjusts for daylight saving time, so you don't have to worry about any discrepancies (unless, of course, your store is based in Arizona!).

To set your store's time zone, simply follow these steps in your WebStore Manager: Go to Settings, select All Config Options, and search for "Set store timezone." It's that easy! Now your customers can have peace of mind knowing that they'll receive accurate shipping information, and you can focus on running your store with confidence.

NitroScript tags

A series of new tags is now available that do exactly what they say on the tin:

This will output the time in the store in this format:
07:43:27 AM

This will output the date in the store in this format:
Friday 27th of January 2023

This will output the date in the store in this format:
Friday 27th of January 2023 07:43:27 AM

These tags will also allow you to request any element of the store date/time:


To get started, just replace the word "STRING" with a string of codes that corresponds to what you'd like to display. For example, if you want to display the current day of the month, simply browse through the codes listed in the links below until you find the one that matches your needs.

Once you've found the right code, you can use the following syntax to display it: {printStoreTimeComponent("dd")}. This will return the current day of the month, such as "24" for the 24th day of February. It's that easy! With this feature, you can quickly and easily display the information that matters most to you and your customers.

You can add several codes together with punctuation like this: 


Which would return the current day, month and year, for example: 24/02/2023