Setting up memberships

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 Setting up memberships

In this feature, you can:

  • Add memberships to give your shoppers access to price levels

To set up memberships, do the following: 

  1. Login to your WebStore Manager.
  2. Go to Marketing > Memberships.

Membership settings

  • Memberships allow you to offer price levels to shoppers on your web store.
  • This works by presenting a membership field to the shopper in the checkout panel which allows the shopper to add a membership to their basket. 

Adding memberships

To add a membership, do the following: 

  • Click Add Membership.
  • Enter the product code to assign membership.
  • Click Find Item.

Note: You can find your product code by looking at the Product Details page.

Configuring memberships

  • Set the price level.
  • Choose how long the membership will last.
  • Check the checkbox Membership Active to set the membership live, your shoppers will be able to view the membership at the checkout panel.
  • Check the checkbox Membership Displayed to hide the membership on the checkout panel. It will only appear if the item is in the customers shopping cart.

Adding memberships panels

  • Set up a form for getting information from your customer.
  • You can add fields that require the input of string (sentences or words), integers (whole numbers), floats (numbers with decimal places), emails or booleans (checkboxes).
  • Each of these fields can be required or not.
  • Click Save Membership Fields.

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