Setting up product customization

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    Setting up product customization

In this feature, you can:

  • Create an interface that shoppers can use to personalize their products.
  • Create single form customisation.

To set up product customization, do the following:

  1. Login to your WebStore Manager.
  2. Go to Products > Product customization
  3. Check to enable product customization.

Creating products for customization

  • Shoppers can personalize their products to suit their specific needs. 
  • You will need two products: 
    • The actual product will be available on your WebStore.
    • A dummy copy of the same product.

Visit: How to create a product to learn more about creating products for your WebStore.

Visit: Viewing all products to learn how to view the product page.

Follow these steps to set up product customization on your WebStore:

Creating the dummy product: 

  1. Create a new product via All Products.
  2. Add a name and code.
  3. Check the Hide Product checkbox. You do not want the dummy product to be available on your WebStore.
  4. Add a large quantity of stock. 
  5. Set the price to zero. 
  6. Select Save.
  7. Go to the product page of the dummy product. 
  8. Copy the ID code in the URL of the product page. 
  9. Go to your main product, the product that is visible to your WebStore.
  10. Scroll down to Product Details.
  11. Paste the ID in the ID of product tagalong.
  12.  Select three empty custom fields in the Additional fields.

Warning: These custom fields can not be used for anything else.

Product customization

  1. Go to Products > Product Customization.
  2. Set the three custom fields.
  3. Go back to the Product Page of the actual product.
  4. Fill in the custom fields.
  5.  The first field is usually the title. (E.g., Header_Plate, Sheild_1)
  6. The second field will be the types of customizations available.
  7. Field 3 will be for the cost.

Types of customization

  • There are different types of customization, you can make a text box appear, a select dropdown, a number field.
    •  Text box: enter the max length as a value (E.g., 50).
    •  Drop-down: put a '-' between the options.
    • Radio buttons: like the dropdown above, but you start your options with a lowercase 'r'.

Cost of customization

  • There are three options for the cost of customization.
  • Option A:
    •  Set a cost for inputting anything into a field.
    • Assign zero into the field for no price.
    • You can use a pattern to assign a price to a specific option. (E.g., 1000-2000-3000 or 0-100-200 etc).
  • Option B:
    • Set a cost per character - Add the string evaluate-charcost-## where ## is the number of customization items that will be added per character entered into the text input.
  • Option C: 
    • Ask the store to evaluate a number input and add that to the price.
    • Add the string evaluate-inputvalue.
    • The store will multiply the value in the number input by 100 and add that number of customization items to the basket.

Single Form Customization

To create a single form to customize products, please do the following:

  1. Go to Design & Content > Form Builder.
  2. Set up and save your form.
  3. Go to Settings > All Config Options.
  4. Search for Single Form Product Customization.
  5. Assign to an empty custom field.
  6. Go to the Edit Product.
  7. Enter the form name into the custom text field.
  8. Click Save.
  9. The customization form will be found on the products page.

Note: Single form customization DOES NOT affect the price of the product

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