Setting up subscriptions

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Setting up subscriptions

Using this feature, you can configure:

  • Set up the frequency of subscriptions
  • Create subscription discounts
  • Specify which products are available for subscription
  • Create and assign a compliance agreement

To set up your subscriptions, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your WebStore Manager.
  2. Go to Products > Subscription Settings.

To learn more about viewing your customer's subscriptions, visit: 

Frequency listings

  • These are the times available for subscription orders.  
  • We offer flexibility to the client by allowing them to set their own schedules, using different formats such as days, weeks, or months.

To add a new frequency, follow these steps: 

  1. Select + Add New.
  2. Set how often you would like the subscription to be repeated
  3. If you set the frequency as Inactive the shopper will not be able to select this frequency but it will still be available on the WSM. 
  4. Select Save.

Note: 6 months is currently the maximum amount of time. Contact support to extend this time.

  • Click Toggle to disable the status of the subscription.

Subscription emails

  • Email notifications will be sent to the customer 7 days in advance.
  • Low stock emails will notify the customer that the item in their subscription is low and they should change their subscription.
  • Emails must be manually sent to the customer when editing a shoppers subscription in WSM. Visit Viewing and editing subscriptions. for more information.

Note: All reminder emails will be sent to the customer 7 days in advance. If you would like to change the number of days contact our support team. Learn more: Subscription advance emails.

Assign product field

 Specifies which products are available for subscription.

  1. Set up using custom fields with assignable values.
  2. It should not be filled if the product does not use subscriptions.
  3. If a product contains a value within the custom field, it will indicate that the product supports subscriptions.

Note: The assignable values are weekly (w) or monthly (m) frequencies (e.g. 1w, 2w, 1m, 2m).

Pricing rules 

This feature allows you to:

  • Add, edit or remove rules that are applied to recurring orders for percentage discounts.
  • Choose from two types of discounts
    • Initial discount
    • Recurring orders
  • Create your rules 
  • Choose a discount
  • Follow the step-by-step guide below

To create a rule: 

  1. Select Add a Rule.
  2. Add your conditions. 
  3. Apply the conditions to initial orders or recurring orders.
  4. Set the value of the discount.
  5. Label your new rule. 
  6. The label provided will be used on the product page, basket and checkout.

Note: These discounts will only work for subscriptions. They will not appear on one time purchases.

Compliance panel

  • Set a compliance agreement for purchasing certain items (e.g., prescriptions).
  • Select a Product Field to specify which products display the message.
  • If a product has this custom fieldset with a value, your compliance message will appear.

Note: If your compliance message does not appear, the Product Field may not be correctly set. In this case, you will need to set the flag on the custom field using PAM.

Warning: The above image is given as an example only. This does NOT constitute legal advice or guidance. It is your obligation to provide your own policy information.

  • The compliance message will appear at the checkout.

  • If the customer does not agree to the agreement they will receive an error message.

To learn more about viewing your customers' subscriptions, visit: Viewing and editing subscriptions.

Contact us

If you have any problems with this feature, contact our support team by opening a ticket.