Adding shipping methods

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  Adding shipping methods

Using this feature you can:

  • Add shipping methods
  • Add shipping carriers
  • Set up delivery/pickup methods
  • Assign shipping methods to specific areas

To add a shipping method, do the following: 

  1. Login to your WebStore Manager.
  2. Go to Shipping & Taxes > General Set-up.

Adding shipping methods

To begin, we need to define the methods, which we will later assign to countries, states, or regions:

  1. Click the Shipping Method Admin tab.
  2. You will be shown a list of your existing shipping methods (if any). You can add to the list by clicking create a new shipping method.
  3. You can also edit or delete an existing method, by clicking its name on the list.

Creating a new shipping method

Warning: Method name, charging method, weight and shipping charge are a requirement and must be filled in.

  1. Enter a Method Name. A good example would be In-Store - Pick Up Calgary - New Service.
  2. Choose your Charging Method.
  3. The Carrier and Service ID/Code is usually already integrated and therefore can be left blank.
  4. Check interpolate shipping calculations to recalculate the shipping charge if the weight or total is in between. E.g., if the order total is set from 10 to 20 and the order total is 15 it will average it and charge the customer.
  5. Check Display the tipping panel for this method to enable customers to tip for the driver. The tipping panel is configurable and can be edited in templates. 
  6. Click Save

Shipping & tax settings 

Now that you have added your shipping methods you can now implement these methods to the countries you ship to. 

  1. Select Shipping & Taxes.
  2. To add a new country click add a new country.
  3. If you select a country that already exists in your country list, its tax exemption status and ZIP/Postal code requirements will be updated based on your selections.

Note: You can add multiple countries by holding down the Ctrl key.

Configuration for your selected country

  • Choose the type of tax implemented in Tax configuration.

  • You can select zip codes by checking the checkbox. 
  • You can also require customers to enter their state or county. 

State/County Configuration

  • You can control states within the country. 
  • You can remove certain states/ counties. 
  • You can set a tax on a specific state.

Grouping states

  • Simply select the countries you would like to group and save your changes.

  • If states are grouped, changing the shipping integration or adding rules will affect all the states in the group. 
  • If a state is added later to the group, then this state will have that shipping method and carrier too.

Shipping methods

  • You can assign multiple shipping methods to each country but not to each state.

Note: You can create/assign a shipping method to a particular state and then later create a group with that state in it. The original shipping method will be shown to customers. 

Click on shipping methods you can set the shipping integration, shipping schedule, tipping panel and add shipping rules. 

Shipping integration

  •  You can set the shipping carrier and the shipping service. 
  • This will allow us to calculate realtime shipping rates.
  • Select from the list of common carriers and services.

Note: If you can not find a specific carrier please open a ticket with our support team. 

Shipping schedule

  • Define a schedule that controls the time slots available at checkout.
  • Time slots can be limited to a certain number of orders and can be once-off or recurring. 
  • Certain dates such as public holidays can also be excluded. 
  • Learn more at:  Shipping Schedules.

Tipping panel

  • If the tipping panel is enabled a panel will show where they can leave a tip for the driver at the checkout.
  • If the customer adds a tip the amount will be added to their basket.
  • Learn more at: Tipping Panels.

Shipping rules

  • When your needs require a fee structure or changes to an integration calculation. 
  • Rules are provided for allowing, denying and manipulating shipping methods and costs. 

To add a rule:

  1. Select Add Shipping Rule.
  2. For this example, we will be adding a rule that takes 10% off the shipping if the order weight is greater than 10kg but less than 30kg.
  3. Under the condition builder, we will first select our Condition Source. Because our rule is based on weight, we will choose Order Weight.
  4. Then we will choose a Condition Operator select Is Greater Than. 
  5. Add a Value of 10.
  6.  Select Add.
  7. Add another conditional so that the 10% discount will not be applied if the weight is over 30kg. 

  8. Using the same Condition Source, our Condition Operator will be Is Less Than with a Value of 30.

  9. Once our conditions are added, select the action we want to be performed if all requirements are met. In this instance, we will be selecting the Decrease charge by shipping cost % and choosing 10% as the amount.
  10. Once we are satisfied with the rule we will select Create Rule
  11. The rule will be visible from the shipping method.

Contact us

If you have any problems with this feature please contact our support team by opening a ticket.