Configuring your store details

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               Configuring your store details             

Using this feature you can:

  • Enter your store information

To configure your store details, do the following:

  1. Login to your WebStore Manager.
  2. Go to Settings > Store Details.


  • The email you enter here will be set as your default email address. 
  • All correspondence sent from the WebStore will be sent to this email. 
  • Your store email will be used for the likes of forms, memberships, abandoned carts, order confirmation, etc...


  • Your store's email address can be visible throughout your store, particularly in the Contact Us section.
  • You can change the email used for specific features such as forms, order confirmations and abandoned cart.


  • This is the name of your store, the name entered here can be seen on your WebStore. 
  • The name will be visible in the header, footer, checkout and in the title of every page of the WebStore.


  • The address you enter here will be used as the default address. 
  • This address will be used to configure shipping methods, tax calculations, etc. 
  • API calls to shipping integrations will treat this address as the shipping address and the contact page.
  • For shipping methods such as Pick Up In-Store, you can set your store address as the shipping address. 
  • You can do this via the config option labelled Set shipping address to store address for in-store pickup methods.

Set your shipping address

  1. To enable this option go to Settings > Config Options.
  2. Type in Set shipping address into the search bar provided.
  3. Click Set shipping address to store address for in-store pickup methods.
  4. Click Save.

Note: If the address is incorrect there will be errors regarding the store email, shipping address, contact details, tax calculations, etc...

Tax basis

  • Tax basis allows you to set the type of tax that is implemented in your store. 
  • Customer-Based is a tax based on the customer's location. 
  • Item Based is based on the final price of the item. 
  • You can specify how each tax is implemented in Tax Field.

Tax system

  • Your tax system is based on your location. 
  • The tax system you choose will be used in Tax Setup.

Warning: Using the wrong tax system will lead to errors regarding tax, shipping, product prices etc...

  • The EU system includes the tax as part of the products final price, taxes are not added to the subtotal of the sales transaction. 

Learn more at:  EU tax setup.

  • The US/Canada system does not include the tax as part of the retail price, the tax amount will be added to the subtotal of the sales transaction, before the checkout is finalised. 

Learn more at: US/Canada Tax Setup.

Tax field 

  • The rate is calculated based on what the Tax Field is set to.
  • If the store is near to the location of the customer, a tax rate is set for those two locations only and anywhere that’s not near the store locations will not be taxed.

Contact Us

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