Shipping options

WebSell eCommerce enables you to control your WebStore's shipping preferences.

To view the options that are available, in NSc WebStore Manager, under Configuration, select WebStore. Select the Shipping tab.

Select any of the following settings to customize your WebStore's shipping options:

  • Set default item dimensions:Dynamic shipping cost calculation often depends on item dimensionsbeing specified. With this option enabled, you can set all shippingpackages to use the same dimensions (in inches), in the form of LxWxH. Select the checkbox, then under Default Dimensions, specify a size. Click Save.

    By default, all item dimensions passed to the UPS shipping integration are 12 x 12 x 12 inches (l/w/h) if the item does not have it's own dimensions. If you ship packages different to these dimensions more often than not then you should change this setting to match the shipping sizes of your most common packages for more accurate shipping calculations. This setting only applies for items with no sizes/dimentions of their own.
  • Enable shipping date selection at checkout: This setting enables customers to select a shipping date at checkout. You can enter a list of days and dates to exclude from the calendar. For example, to exclude Saturdays, Sundays and New Year's Day 2009, you would enter: Saturday,Sunday,2009-01-01. Once have you finished specifying the excluded days and dates, click Save to enable theoption. To disable it, simply clear the list of excluded days and click Save. Please note: this option governs shipping date only and not the arrival date for shipments.
  • Enable Tax on Shipping: This option allows you to enable tax on shipping, which is not natively supported by RMS. A non-inventory item with an Item Lookup Code of "shipping" must exist in your RMS database for this option to work correctly.

Configuring UPS

  • Set UPS pickup type code: This option enables you to set your UPS pickup type. Select the checkbox, then under Configuration, specify one of the following: 01 - Daily Pickup, 03 - Customer Counter, 06 - One Time Pickup, 07 - On Call Air, 11 - Suggested Retail Rates, 19 - Letter Center, or 20 - Air Service Center. Click Save.
  • Set UPS customer classification code: This option enables you to set your UPS customer classification. Select the checkbox, then under Configuration, specify one of the following: 01 - Wholesale, 03 - Occasional, or 04 - Retail. Click Save.
  • Enable free UPS Ground shipping: Withthis option, free UPS Ground shipping is enabled when the order totalis greater than or equal to the number you specify. Select the Minimum Total Order checkbox, then specify a number. Click Save.
  • Not shown in these configuration screens, but within our UPS API integration the shipping rate request has a Business or Residential flag appended to the rate request. We use the existence or otherwise of the company in a customers' shipping address to toggle between Residential or Business.
  • Enable Negotiated Rates (requires UPS account): Accurate and competitive shipping rates may sway a customer's decision on where he/she makes their purchase.   Enabling this option will result in negotiated UPS rates being displayed at checkout instead of retail rates. Please note: for this option to work, UPS must have enabled negotiated rates on your account and for the specified shipper number. If you are asked to select between HTML or XML, please select XML.

Configuring Canada Post

  • Set Canada Post Merchant ID: This option is required to use the Canada Post module, as it links directly to your Canada Post merchant account. For more information on the Canada Post module, refer to Knowledge Base article #486.
  • Set PeriShip credentials: PeriShip is a shipping provider for the perishable foods industry and an account is required to to use it as a shipping integration. You are required to enter your ID and password on the WSM to enable the integration. For more information please see