Setting up PAM keywords to improve SEO

PAM_Keywords is an attribute which enables you to specify extra words to improve your customers’ search results. The words you add for particular products will get embedded in the product page’s HTML, and will improve SEO as well as allow your customers to get better search results for items on your webstore. Many retailers use this to cover common misspellings of words, abbreviations or word variations.

If you can't see Keywords attribute in your PAM, click on Attribute Visiblity and make sure that "PAM_Keywords" attribute is checked.

A column with the heading PAM_Keywords should now be displayed in PAM.

For example, if you add keyword “Bicycle” to your cycling-related items, when a customer searches for this word, they will receive appropriate results (even though the word “Bicycle” does not actually appear on your WebStore).

Similarly, adding the alternate spelling of a word (for example “pyjama”) to PAM_Keywords for your pajama items will provide suitable search results.

Please note that individual keywords should be delimited by a space and that there is a 250-character limit in this field.

After you enter the keywords, please remember to commit changes in PAM and then Synchronize the webstore.