Shipping rules

Shipping rules enable you to alter the properties of a particular shipping method based on certain conditions that you specify. For instance, if the weight of an order exceeds a certain limit, you can increase the shipping charges by a percentage (or an amount) that you specify. You can add multiple shipping rules per shipping method.


  1. In WebStore Manager, under Configuration, select Shipping.
  2. Next to the desired country name, select Shipping. The list of shipping methods defined for that country are displayed.
  3. Next to the desired shipping method, select Rules to create a new shipping rule, or to change or delete existing ones. If no shipping rules are currently configured for that country, the following page is displayed:
  4. To create a shipping rule, select add a new rule. The Rule Configuration page is displayed.
  5. For example, to add a standard shipping charge of $10.00 to all orders with a total weight of over 50 pounds, under Condition Source, select Order Weight. Under Condition Operation, select Is Greater Than. Click Add.
  6. Under Then perform the following action, select Increase charge by amount. For Amount, specify $10.00.
  7. Click Save Rule to save your changes. The new shipping rule is added to the list of rules for that country and shipping carrier.

Pick Up option only/ Exclude shipping for certain items

You can use shipping rules to add an item attribute that, if set on an item in the basket, removes the shipping option. 

To set it up, perform the following steps:

1. In NSc PAM, select Attributes > Add New Attribute.

2. For Attribute Name, enter any name, for example, SpecialShip and change its type to Checkbox (true/false). Click OK.

3. Assign value 'True' for the items you don't want to ship. Press 'Commit changes' button.

4. Go to Websell Sync > Sync Configuration Tab.

In the Advanced Set up> go to Field Mappings tab.

5. Choose 'Item' data, double click on it so you can Add New Standard Field. For the 'Field Source'

6. On 'Add Item Field' window, enter 'Remote Field Name'. 

  • For remote field enter 'product_weblinxcustomtext#', where # is a number between 1 and 20. It is important that you don't right over an existing field that you are using for something else!. If in doubt ask customer support. Write down the field you select as you will need to tell WSM later which field you have sent the data.
  • For the 'Field Source' field click 'Advanced' button at the bottom of the window, so the 'Functions' button will appear next to it.
    From the 'Functions' dropdown choose 'Insert Field' > 'Boolean' > choose the new attribute field you created earlier ( 'nitroasl_pamtable.####' where #### is the name of the field you created in PAM. ) Press 'Validate' button to save changes.

7. Synchronize the changes in NSc Sync, so they will appear on your WSM.

8. Go to your WSM > 'Fulfillment & Taxes' tab > 'General Set-up' > 'Order Fulfillment' Page.

-Scroll down to the 'Fulfillment Methods' at the bottom of the page.
-Choose the shipping methods you want to update, click on the name of it.
-Go to 'Shipping rules' section > 'Add Shipping rule'.
-'Rule Configurator' page will appear, where you will need to create the following rule:
'If Item Custom Text # is Equal to 1 > 'Add' > then perform the following action 'Remove Shipping option'

 Where # is a number between 1 and 20 that you used for 'product_weblinxcustomtext#'

This way, the certain shipping method will be removed or available only for certain items.