URL redirects

URL redirects serve the purpose of directing online traffic from one webpage to another. When modifications are made to a URL within your WebSell online store, you have the ability to establish a URL redirect. This ensures that your clientele can continue locating their desired content.

As an illustration, in the event that a product is removed, it becomes feasible to arrange a URL redirect. Consequently, when patrons input the URL corresponding to the eradicated product, they will be automatically guided to a comparable item available in your store.

Changing a product page URL

There are two ways of regenerating product URLs on your webstore:

1. Change the structure of the URL in your WebStore Manager

  • This is the cleanest method, but the change will affect all of your products.
  • You can always bring back the old URL format.

2. Remove the product online and restore it

  • This option will only affect this particular product, but has the side effect that the product won’t be available in your store for the duration of your update (which can be short of course).
  • With this this option, the new URL will be created during the synchronization process and the old URLs will be automatically redirected to the new URL (via an implicit 301).

Note: We recommend using the second approach.

Note: There is actually an option in the SEO option of the WebStore Manager that normalizes URLs by removing any special characters that they may have.