Connecting to the FTP server

This article describes how to connect to the WebSell FTP. File transfer protocol server (commonly known as FTP Server) is computer software that facilitates the secure exchange of files over a TCP/IP network. This is neccessary for the correct functioning of your webstore.


1. Open your FTP client (we recommend using FileZilla).

2. Navigate to the 'Host' input box.

3. Fill in your FTP credentials here (the 'Port' field will automatically be filled):

Note: if you do not have your credentials, please, contact the WebSell support team, and they will provide you with a new set of credentials.

4.  Click the 'Quickconnect' button and a certificate will display:

5. Check the box at the bottom Always trust certificate in future sessions and click OK.

6. You are now set up always connect securely to WebSell FTP.