Editing the blog landing page

In this feature, you can: 

  • Learn to edit and modify the blog landing page

To edit and modify the blog landing page, do the following:

  1. Login to your WebStore Manager.
  2. Go to Design & Content > Edit Templates.
  3. Scroll to the Blog header.
  4. Select the blog landing panel.

Warning: If you are not comfortable with editing HTML and do not have experience with web scripting languages, it is advisable to seek WebSell's assistance with changes to these templates.

The default landing page

By Default the blog landing page can be found at:

  • The layout of this page includes the blog category panel {include:BlogCategoryPanel}, a list of blog articles <div id="blogarticlelist">, a panel with the most viewed blog articles {include:BlogMostViewedPanel}, a panel with any archived articles {include:BlogArchivePanel}.

Removing panels

  • Removing panels is as simple as removing the NitroScript {includePanelName} tag.

Modifying panels

  • Each panel has its own template that can be modified to suit your needs. 
  • Each template has a loop that it iterates over. 
  • This is the mechanism it uses to print out all the blog articles so be slow to break the loop.


Q. Is there a way to have a tab to my blog that would go to this landing page? I only see ways to tab a category page or blog article.

  • A: You can safely ignore the tabbed/ untabbed input, this refers to making items appear in the default templates.
  • If your templates have been modified by designers this functionality probably won’t do anything. 
  • You might instead add the URL of the blog landing page to your footer in an <a> tag so that people can go there.
  •  If you need help doing this open a ticket and someone on the support team will talk you through it.

Q: Is there a way to alphabetize the categories on the blog landing page?

  • A: The blog is designed to be chronological. Contact support for more information.