Adding webstore policies

You can add policies to your webstore to inform customers about how you do business.

To access your privacy settings:

  1. Log in to your WebStore Manager.
  2. Click Settings > Privacy Settings.

The privacy panel toggle

  • Check the checkbox to enable the privacy panel.
  • This is necessary to comply with GDPR and is a requirement by law if you are processing any personal data belonging to shoppers based in the European Union.
  • Enabling this option results in a privacy and consent panel being displayed on both the checkout and the member register & update pages.
  • The text provided is an example only and should be edited and customised to fit your own store's privacy policy, terms & conditions, cookie notice, etc...
  • Click Save Settings.

Warning: While WebSell has provided some default text, this is given as an example only. This does NOT constitute legal advice or guidance. It is your obligation to provide your own policy information. WebSell can recommend a provider if you need one.