Multiple departments and categories

The ability to assign a product to multiple departments and categories was added in version of our client side software, WebSell Sync, WebSell PAM and GWO.

This feature was added into PAM alongside Web Navigation which previously was a separate utility.

To start working with multiple departments and categories click on the tools tab in WebSell PAM and select "item navigation assignment".

A new pop up will appear here is where you can assign items to departments and categories or multiple departments and categories.

To assign an item first select a department from the drop down list and then a category.

The right pane will now be populated with the items already assigned to this category. You may add items from the left pane by selecting the item and clicking "add" or by clicking "add all" if you want all items in the left pane added.

You are able to use the same filter as you would in WebSell PAM to refine the selection in the left pane.

You may remove items from the category by selecting the item you wish to remove on the right pane and clicking "remove".

You will not be able to remove an item from a category if the item is only in that category.

You can adjust the filters and change the department and category drop downs without having to close the pop up.

 Please note: the changes made here take effect immediately.