Setting up PayPal website payments (US, Canada, UK)

For instructions on setting up a Web-only tender type in RMS for use with this payment gateway, refer to Knowledge Base article #295, "Setting Up an RMS Web-Only Tender Type".

The following table provides an overview of the configuration options available when setting up PayPal Website Payments Pro as your payment gateway.

Note: For a comparison of PayPal Website Payments Standard and PayPal Website Payments Pro, click here.

Payment Gateway URL:

Operating Region:
U.S., Canada, U.K.
Supported Transaction Types:Sale only
Requires Currency Code to Be Passed?Yes
Supports AVS?Yes
Supports Test Mode?Yes. Requires sandbox account API access user name, password, and digital certificate.
Supports CVV?Yes
Supports 3D Secure?
See #488
RMS Tender Type:

This plug-in supports PayPal Website Payments Pro only. It does not support PayPal Website Payments Standard. PayPal Website Payments Pro can be used only from your PayPal Business account (and is available in the U.S. only).

You must set up a tender for each type of card you accept. Visa and MasterCard are always defaulted ON with the default tender. Website Payments Pro also accepts American Express. Enabling a default tender of type AMEX will be sufficient to accept all cards into the single tender.

WebSell recommends that you test your payment gateway by sending us the digital certificates generated by PayPal. In order to do so, you must create a PayPal Sandbox account. The Sandbox is a safe testing environment where you can test PayPal features such as Web site payments, IPN, and Web Services. The Sandbox is a mirror of the real PayPal site, except that real financial transactions are not made. To create a Sandbox account, go here.

Perform the following steps to request your PayPal Sandbox API credentials:

  1. Before obtaining API credentials, ensure that your account has been verified.
  2. To obtain a PayPal Web Services API user name, password, and digital certificate, you need to create or upgrade to a Business account.
  3. On the Profile Summary page, under Account Information, select API Access.
  4. On the API Set-up page, select Request API Credentials.
  5. On the Request API Credentials page, select API SSL client-side certificate.
  6. Once the certificate is generated, on the Download or Remove API Certificate page, select Download Certificate.
  7. Rename the sandbox certificate paypal-test.pem.txt.
  8. Open a NitroSell support ticket and attach your sandbox certificate to request the installation of your certificate.

After your test mode is complete, we recommend that you also request a live digital certificate on your live PayPal site, renaming it to paypal.pem.txt, and then send it to us as outlined in the above Step 8 for installation on our servers.

To configure this gateway, in NSc WebStore Manager, under Configuration, select Payments. On the Payment Gateway Configuration page, select PayPal - Website Payments Pro-US, then click Configure.