How to view, export, and update online orders

Under the Orders menu in the WebStore Manager you can manage many aspects of your online orders and take action to verify or prepare orders for shipment. In this menu you can view customer orders, filter orders, export orders to CSV, update orders, print orders, and more.

To get started simply log in to your WebStore Manager and go to Orders > All Orders.

Filtering orders

To use the filters to find specific orders, do the following:

  1. Click Filter Orders
  2. Choose to filter orders by Channel, Status, Delivery, or Date
  3. Sort by Date or by User Name

Printing orders

You can print your orders and pick lists here in a number of different ways from this menu including:

  • Print Pick List By Order
  • Print Pick List By Item
  • Print Pick List Separated By Order
  • Print Packing Slips

All of these options will help you organize and fulfill your orders efficiently.

Exporting orders to CSV

You can also export orders to a CSV file to help you and your team better manage and fulfill online orders.

To use this feature simply click the Export to CSV button.

Note: The Export to CSV file is limited to 35000 rows. If you want to export more orders you will need to split them in a smaller chunks by editing the date range or other filtered options.

Editing online orders

In the Web Orders menu you can also edits order details including changing customer information, product details, and shipping information.

To view order details, click the ... icon and click View Order Details.

Here you will be able to change the requested shipping methods, update customer information, edit delivery addresses, and add or remove products from the order.

Then click Update And Finalize to complete your changes.