WebSell customer services guidelines

WebSell will provide standard, ticket-based services for existing, documented features to any customer who is in good financial standing, subject to the following guidelines.

Standard vs. Paid Services

Standard services involves WebSell guiding you in solving issues relating to existing, documented features. This means it is your responsibility to implement changes we suggest.

Paid services typically involves WebSell resolving issues for you or on your behalf.  Paid services also include support for issues relating to design customizations done by anyone other than WebSell (see below under UI customizations).

One Ticket Per Issue

Only one ticket should be opened per issue. If you open additional tickets about the same issue, WebSell will close the additional ticket(s) as duplicate(s) and, in doing so, will reference the original ticket (where you can expect a response).

If there is an implementation or training ticket open on your behalf, you should post all issues to that ticket and not confuse the process by opening more.

If an issue is recurring and affecting multiple customers, web orders, products, etc., then you should note each instance in a response  to the original ticket.

Note: Duplicating an issue in multiple tickets has a negative impact because it creates additional, unnecessary work and overhead for all parties concerned. Having an issue fully documented in one ticket makes it easier to diagnose and to re-assign it between teams and team members as required, expediting its resolution. Therefore, it is in your own best interests to adhere to this policy.

Response and Resolution Times

We endeavor to respond to tickets within one business day and to resolve them within three business days, depending on the issues involved.

This excludes tickets relating to undocumented features. If a ticket results in a bug report, the resolution of that issue is considered separate to the ticket and standard resolution times do not apply. Similarly, custom developments are completed on a separate schedule, which will be provided in the ticket.

Operating Hours

WebSell is available from9am - 9pm GMT(4am - 4pm EST; 1am - 1pm PST),Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, we cannot assure the availability of services personnel, nor can you be assured of a response.

Offices are closed on public and federal holidays; tickets submitted on those days will normally be responded to within one business day after the holiday. If there has been a high volume of tickets during the holiday, we may take longer to respond.

Phone Support

WebSell provides ticket-based services only. To ensure issues are properly documented, tracked and audited, we do not answer standard service requests by phone. Our numbers are provided on our web site as a courtesy only and, if you call, your issue will be logged as ticket on your behalf, or the relevant open ticket will be updated with any new information you provide.

A tour discretion ,we may call you to expedite the resolution of a ticket.

Tip: Paid services such as training and implementation are conducted by phone and screensharing. If you are interested in purchasing any of these services, please open a ticket.

User Interface (UI) Customizations

We provide pre-defined web store templates, e-mail templates, design themes and field mappings for your store, as well as simple configuration options to change a variety of aspects of the user interface (UI).

We also supply extensive documentation on this knowledge base and blog detailing how to make more advanced changes.

If you require us to make changes on your behalf or to assist you (or your designer) in making changes to the user interface, including CSS, JavaScript, HTML, NitroScript, mail template and field mapping modifications, such changes are a billable service, charged at our standard rates, as per your contract with WebSell.

We also offer designer training which DOES include 6 months of free support on design/UI issues.

Tip: If you require extensive UI customization, you should consider employing the services of the WebSell design team or getting designer training. If you would like to engage with our design team or arrange training for your designer, please open a ticket.


We are happy to explain how specific features work, or to guide you on using standard features, but standard services do not include general training.

If you require training on our software, we are happy to accommodate it as a billable service, charged at our standard rates, as per your contract with WebSell.


WebSell will always respond to emergency issues and we endeavor to resolve them as quickly as possible. Typically, the following situations are classified as an emergency:

  • The web store is down or unresponsive, after a successful go live process;

  • The payment gateway integration is malfunctioning, assuming it has been configured correctly at go live, or your checkout is broken for another reason, resulting in the loss of web orders;

  • Large numbers of web items have gone missing due to, for example, a broken field mapping.

We reserve the right to classify an issue as 'non-emergency'. Issues classified as such are subject to standard response and resolution times.

Note: Emergencies for live stores are given a higher priority than emergencies for stores in staging.

Custom Development

If you require a feature that is not currently present in the software, or if you’d like a feature to work in a different way, you may request a custom development to have us make the required changes. Custom developments are handled as follows:

  • Custom developments are a billable service, charged at developer rates, either per hour or per day, depending on complexity;

  • We will elicit requirements from you either by phone or using the ticket system on the Partner Portal;

  • Once we are satisfied we have a good enough understanding of what you require, a quote will be issued to you, either directly, or via your RMS dealer;

  • The quote will contain a detailed explanation of the changes required, the time needed to develop the changes and the total cost. It may also list optional functionality, which will be available at an additional charge;

  • If you accept all or part of a custom development quote, an invoice will be created and you will be provided with a delivery date;

  • Sometimes the requested feature may be beyond the scope of a custom development. In such circumstances, we will provide an explanation, and we may add it as a suggestion to our product road map. If we later decide to develop the feature, you will be notified when it is scheduled for release.

Custom developments are handled using tickets. If you require a customization, please open a ticket with the category Custom Development and describe your requirements as best as you can

Note: All custom developments remain the intellectual property of WebSell.

Warning: Custom Development quotes are only valid for 3 months from the date of issue. Expired quotes need to reviewed by the development team and may be subject to functional change, cost increases or decreases, and/or rejection depending on circumstances.

beta Features

beta features may be changed or removed (although this rarely happens) before they are merged to the stable production version of WebSell.  By definition beta software features are in the preliminary or testing stage of their life cycle and are therefore more volatile and subject to risk.

Warning: We only recommend the beta version for users who want to get the latest features and bug fixes and are willing to accept the risk that the feature may malfunction or be changed.

Fair Usage

Although we currently impose no restrictions on standard support, NitroSell reserves the right to limit the number of standard services issues a customer can open in a given calendar or billing month, if the number of issues raised is excessive.