Single form product customization

Single Form Product Customization is a simpler form of product customization suitable where you want to obtain information from a shopper without amending the price of the item they are buying in any way.

This feature is useful for items that have a single SKU/ Item number but comes in a variety of colors/styles etc.

It allows you to associate a form created in the WSM Form Builder  with a product page. To place the product in their basket the shopper must fill out the form. When the shopper buys the product, the form contents are emailed to the store.

How to Use

  1. Build a form in the WSM Form Builder

Please note that the form does not require the Submit button as the Add to basket will function as the Submit button. You can use different form inputs such as : radio fields/buttons, dropdown menus, insert fields, checkboxes etc.

    2.  Create a Websell Pam Attribute  of the string type3. Map the Form column to one of your product custom text fields in WebSell Sync.

4. In WSM→ Settings tab→ All config options search for option called Single Form Product Customization and select the custom text field you mapped step 3 to → Save.

5. In WebSell PAM, enter the form name of the form you created in step 1 beside each of the products you wish the form to appear in.

How it works

When the user clicks the Add to Basket button on a product page the form is validated server side to ensure that the appropriate fields are filled out as you have defined in the Form Builder.

When the user places their order in the checkout, the store emails the form data to store email.

To Keep in Mind

Only a single form per product type

As the name says, this version of product customization will only display a single form regardless of the quantity of the product being bought. If you are looking to allow the customization of medals with a different name on each medal then you need to use the other form of product customization.

No price change

Unlike its grown up cousin, single form product customization will not effect the price of the product the form is associated with.

Product Page Template

Bear in mind that your product template might not contain the code required to display Single Form Product Customization. Ensure that the following code is present in the Product Page template:

{* See for how this works *}  
{if (pageproperty['singleformproductcustomization'])}
  {elseIf (pageproperty['productcustomizable'])}

To find where to insert this code search for {include:panelBuyProduct} which should always be present in your template. You may have noticed that the Single Form Product Customization takes precedence over ordinary product customization. There is no reason why you can’t reverse the order of the if statement if you want it to be the other way!

Product Customization Options

Please note that Product customization does not have to be enabled to use Single Form Product Customization. 

You can have both product customization and single form product customization enabled but if a product has both, the single form product customization will take precedence.