How to use the WebSell Portal and WebStore Manager

The WebSell Portal and WebStore Manager (WSM for short) are essential tools for managing your WebSell account services and webstore settings. Most user accounts have two tabs: the Portal and the WebStore Manager. If you have multiple webstores, you'll have an additional WebStore Manager tab for each store.

Let's walk you through the features and functionalities of these tools, helping you make the most out of the WebSell e-commerce platform. Here's how to use the WebSell Portal and WebStore Manager:

WebSell Portal

The Portal features links to manage your WebSell retailer account. Here, you can find fundamental settings and information about your account, including access permissions for the Portal and WebStore Manager.

You can also view billing account history, set up payment methods, and seek customer support by opening a ticket. Additionally, you can download software and training materials from the Portal.

To access the Portal log in to your WebSell account using your user name and password here.

WebStore Manager (WSM)

The WebStore Manager provides options to control many of the features of your WebSell webstore. This is where you'll go to manage your webstore on a daily basis. Everything from products, how your store looks, to configuring your shipping and taxes can be found here.


The first tab in the WSM is dedicated to products. Here you can manage product details, create wishlists, set up search options, configure filters for customers, and more. We'll break down what each heading under the 'Products' tab does:

All Products

Here you can view all of the products currently on your webstore, including information such as the product name, code, description, and image. You can also export your entire product list to a CSV file.

Lists & Registries

This section allows you to manage personal wishlists and public gift registries. Wishlists are commonly used by customers who are not ready to make a purchase yet. Public registries, such as baby and bridal registries, are also available.


This section helps you control what's searchable on your webstore and how the results are displayed. You can choose to include or exclude categories, brands, or price for example.

Filtered Search

Here you can enable and configure filtered search which allows visitors to refine their search results based on specific attributes like price, size, color, and brand.

FACT-Finder Search

FACT-Finder is an advanced AI-fueled site search solution that integrates directly with WebSell webstores. This powerful feature lets your customers search more intuitively for products.

Note: This feature is a paid service that is managed by the third party FACT-Finder. Find out more info here.

Product Feeds

Here you can add a product feed for your store to enable Google Shopping via the Google Merchant Center.

Note: Adding a Google Shopping feed to your store is a paid feature. Please open a ticket or contact your account manager to learn more.

Product Customization

This section provides a product customization utility, enabling you to handle complex orders easily.

Gift Wrapping

If applicable to your store, you can add gift wrapping as an option for your products at checkout. 

Note: Gift wrapping is not compatible with product customization. If you need to use product customization then and gift wrapping set up an additional customization called gift wrapping.


The 'Marketing' tab gives you lots of options for driving traffic and sales to your webstore. Let's explore everything you'll find in the 'Marketing' section:

Web Coupons

Under web coupons you can generate custom discount codes to create seasonal sales, welcome offers, and more.

Special Offers & Cashback

In this section you can create, define, and configure special offers or 'cashback' deals for your customers. You can offer free or discounted items with a certain purchase or include extended warranties for specific items.


Here you can configure your webstore to work with a third party loyalty provider. Please open a ticker or contact your account manager to discuss your loyalty integration.


The 'Customers' interface provides access to your entire customer database, including both Point of Sale (POS) and online customers. You can even log in as a customer, granting you a variety of controls.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can be enabled and managed through the interface, including the ability to delete, approve, or edit reviews on your webstore.


In the 'SEO' section you can define the structure of your URLs to maximize your organic rankings in search engines. The keywords you use in your URLs will have a direct impact on how your site performs against your competition.


Membership is a way of giving your customers access to different pricing levels as a way of rewarding your most loyal customers. You need to set up an item for each membership type you want to offer and then sync this to your store.


The charity panel is a panel on the checkout that allows the customer to add products to their basket at the checkout stage. Traditionally this is used to allow the customer to make a donation to a charity selected by the store.

Manage Store Emails

Here you can set how your automated store emails are sent and how they look. You can set up your 'Abandoned cart', 'Order confirmation', and 'Review request' emails here.

Google Analytics 4

You can find settings and information about Google Analytics 4 here.

Note: This is in development and you should open a ticket to have a member of our team set up GA4 correctly on your webstore.


Under the 'Marketplaces' tab you'll find options for connecting your webstore to some of the world's largest online marketplaces.


The world's largest online marketplace. With WebSell's integration you can automatically create listings on Amazon based on the product information in your POS system.

Note: This is a paid feature. Please contact your account manager or open a ticket to enable your Amazon integration.


Instagram lets you upload your product listings to your Instagram Shopping store via the Facebook product catalog. Customers can browse for and discover your products on Instagram now.

Note: This is a paid feature. Please contact your account manager or open a ticket to enable your Instagram integration.


List your products automatically on the leading online marketplace eBay.

Note: This is a paid feature. Please contact your account manager or open a ticket to enable your eBay integration.


Use your inventory to create local product listings. Please note that this feature is currently in development and is not compatible with also running a Google product feed.

Note: This is a paid feature. Please contact your account manager or open a ticket to enable your Amazon integration.

Design & Content

In the 'Design & Content' tab you'll find lots of options for customizing the look and feel of your webstore.


Here you can create and edit various pages, including departments, categories, and brand pages, using the content editor. Additionally, you can create new static pages.

Edit Templates

Depending on your access permissions, you may also be able to edit templates using the HTML source code interface which can be found under 'Edit Templates'.

Edit Language

This interface allows you to modify the text that is used on your webstore and allow you to define language strings.

Category Price Assignment

Here you can assign pictures to category links on department pages.

Overall Design

The 'Overall Design' section enables you to choose from free design templates and upload your business logo.

Form Builder

The 'Form Builder' feature allows you to collect information from customers, either on content pages or for product customization.

Menu Builder

With the Menu Builder you can edit the menus that appear on your webstore, giving you greater control over how users interact with and find products on your site.

Carousel Builder

The Carousel Builder allows you to control the content of image and product carousels that appear on your webstore.


In the 'Orders' section you'll be able to see and manage orders that have come through on your webstore as well access other features related to orders including setting up your payment processer and setting currencies.

All Orders

Here you can see all orders that have come through on your webstore. You can print pick lists, packing slips, and export the order list to a CSV file.

Payment Processor Setup

You can configure your store to support one or more payment gateways from this page. You can choose to set a default gateway when you have more than one. WebSell has a long list of already supported gateways. We can also integrate with your gateway of choice if you don't see yours listed.

Gift Card Setup

Here you can set and configure your gift card provider.


This lets you enable currencies that can be used on your webstore. Only currencies that are enabled will be active on your webstore.


Here you can set up a fraud detection service to assist with fraud prevention on your webstore.

Fulfillment & Taxes

Everything for managing shipping and taxes for your webstore.

General Set-up

Here you can define the countries, states, and provinces from which your web store will accept payments and to which orders can be shipped. You can configure shipping services, enable shipping cost calculators provided by major carriers, and set rules to modify shipping costs or limit shipments based on special conditions. WebSell often supports point-of-sale sales tax or VAT tables, and it also works with leading e-commerce tax calculation services.

Animal Supply Drop Shipping

This feature is specifically related to stores that provide animal supply products. Contact us if this feature is relevant to you and you would like to set it up.


Under the 'Settings' tab section, you'll find lots of different settings for features on your webstore. You'll also find API keys and privacy settings here.

All Config Options

'All Config Options' serves as a repository of features within the WebStore Manager. New features are constantly added to enhance navigation and functionality. To quickly find a specific feature, you can use the keyword filter. 

API Keys

If you're working with a third-party web developer, you may need to generate API keys to integrate with your webstore.

Privacy Settings

The 'Privacy Settings' feature enables the privacy and consent panel on the checkout, member register, and update pages, ensuring compliance with GDPR if you process personal data of shoppers based in the European Union.


The Forum is no longer active and some customers may still see the 'Forum' tab in their WSM menu.


This will link you back to the WebSell Portal, as described above.

This completes the tour of the WebSell Portal and WebStore Manager. We hope this overview helps you understand and utilize the features effectively, ultimately contributing to your success in the online commerce world. Thank you for reading!

You can also watch this video which will take you on a guided tour of the Portal and WebStore Manager: