Coupon types

To access coupon types, do the following:

  1. Login to your WebStore Manager.
  2. Go to Marketing > Coupons.
  3. Select the Discount Type menu under Savings.

Coupons- No rules

The following coupons do not need rule configuration:

  • Amount off- amount of all basket
  • Percentage off - % of all basket 
  • Shipping amount off - amount off shipping
  • Shipping percentage off - % off shipping

Note: Rule configuration is not necessary as the discount is applied to the basket total.

Coupons - Rule dependent

The following coupons do need rule configuration:

  • Amount off item - amount off a single item (most/least expensive item)
  • Percentage off item - % off a single item (most/least expensive item)
  • Amount off all items - same amount off each item
  • Percentage off all items - same % off each item

Note: Dismount Amount is disabled when you choose any of the rule-dependent coupon types. Instead, you need to specify the discount amount in the rule configuration window.

Amount/ Percentage off a single item

To create this coupon, do the following: 

  1. Label your coupon. 
  2. Select the discount type, in this case, we are selecting: Amount off item:
  3. You can add a minimum order total, new customers only, maximum usage, expiry date, price level restrictions, charity donations, and discountable items.
  4. Select Add Rule.
  5. For these coupons, we want the most expensive item to receive a discount.
  6. Select the rule condition, in this case, we are we want our coupon to only affect the Cat Accessories category:
  7. Select Add.
  8. Select the Action, when the rule is performed:
  9. Select Save.

Amount/Percent off all items

To create this coupon, do the following:

  1. In this example, we will select Amount off all items.
  2. Follow the above steps for Amount off item.
  3. Select Add Rule.
  4.  We create a rule so that everything except memberships will receive a discount: 

Coupons on the checkout

Once the coupon has been saved, customers can use the coupon at the checkout.

  • Customers can enter the coupon code.
  • Amount off a single item:
  • Amount off all items except membership: