Export data from POS to CSV

If you require product data, you have the option to export all products from either the Store Operations Administrator (RMS) or the RMH Store Administrator. .

Exporting data from RMS or RMH


1. Open Store Ops Administrator/RMH Store Administrator.
2. Connect to the server.
3. Select 'New Query'.
4. Enter and run the query pasted below:

select * from item inner join nitroasl_pamtable on itemid = item.id

This query returns all item rows joined with PAM data. 

Or you can export all the products from RMS/RMH with the query: 

select * from item;
5. FileExport to CSV.

To export your e-mail data, perform the following steps in RMS/RMH:

1. Enter the following query: 

select EmailAddress as "Email Address", FirstName as "First Name", LastName as "Last Name", Company as "Company Name", PhoneNumber as "Home Phone", Address as "Address Line 1", Address2 as "Address Line 2", City as "City", State as "State", Country as "Country", Zip as "Postal Code" from customer where len(EmailAddress) > 0

2. The query results will be displayed. Select File, then Export. Save the file using the name customers.csv.  

Export from WSM 

Additionally, you can Export To CSV all the information about items in WSM.

In order to do that, please go to:

WSM --> Products --> All products --> Export To CSV.