New Articles

  1. Intro to WebSell

    Welcome to WebSell! If you're planning to launch an online store or considering WebSell as your e-commerce platform, this is the place to learn more about your options. WebSell is the e-commerce platform that works by integrating directly wi...
  2. Supported Payment Gateways

    This is a comprehensive list of the payment gateways and methods that WebSell currently supports.
  3. Setting your webstore's time zone

    Your online store is always open for business, thanks to the web's 24/7 accessibility. However, your employees can't work around the clock and need to rest at times. That's why it can be helpful to associate your webstore with a specifi...
  4. Editing the blog archive panel

    Learn to edit and modify the blog archive panel
  5. SEO, Google and sub-domains

    Learn about the use of SEO, Google, and sub-domains
  6. Customizing the blog's design

    Learn more about customizing your blog's design
  7. Lists & Registries: Advanced editing

    Learn how to edit templates to further customize your WebStore
  8. Subscription advance emails

    Learn the types of advance emails available for you and your customers.
  9. Viewing and editing subscriptions

    View, edit and interact with customer subscriptions.
  10. Adding a carousel to a template

    Adding a carousel into a template.