New Articles

  1. Product Import

    How to import your products in bulk to WebSell.
  2. Adding currencies to your WebStore

    Add default and multiple currencies to your WebStore.
  3. How to create a product

    How to create and edit products in your WebStore.
  4. Product Descriptions

    A list of product descriptions that can be found throughout the platform.
  5. Adding shipping methods

    Add shipping methods and carriers to your WebStore.
  6. Configuring your store details

    Specify your company details, address, and store e-mail address.
  7. Setting up quantity discounts

    Set up customer discounts on your WebStore.
  8. Creating departments & categories

    Create departments and categories for your WebStore.
  9. Viewing your customer orders

    View, update, and download customer orders.
  10. Adding payment methods

    Add payment methods to your WebStore.