New Articles

  1. Google universal analytics integration

    Google universal analytics integration In this feature, you can:  Provide your business with much more accurate visit statistics To access this feature, do the following:  Login to your WebStore Manager. Go to Settings > ...
  2. Including a virtual keyboard on your WebStore

    Allow shoppers to be able to enter values into text input boxes
  3. Store Management: Virtual Stores

    Create and view physical and virtual stores
  4. How to change or fix URL's

    Create a new URL for a product.
  5. Viewing product details

    View details of a specific product.
  6. Viewing all products

    View all of the available products on your WebStore.
  7. Displaying a summary of the existing basket

    Display a summary of the current basket, if there's any item, which can be edited.
  8. Adding and editing accessories

    Adding and editing accessories.
  9. Introduction to accessories

    A brief introduction to accessories.
  10. Adding and editing add-ons

    Adding and editing add-ons.