Updated Articles

  1. Lists & Registries: All topics

    This series of articles concentrates on describing Lists & Registries: a WSM feature and explains how to use them.
  2. Enabling lists & registries

    Enable lists & registries on your WebStore.
  3. How to create a product

    How to create and edit products in your WebStore.
  4. Importing bulk product images

    Learn how to import product images in bulk.
  5. Setting up and viewing customer reviews

    Learn how to set up and review customer reviews from your WebStore.
  6. Setting up filtered search

    Set up your filtered search to help shoppers find specific products.
  7. Google universal analytics integration

    Google universal analytics integration In this feature, you can:  Provide your business with much more accurate visit statistics To access this feature, do the following:  Login to your WebStore Manager. Go to Settings > ...
  8. Search configuration

    Set up search to help shoppers navigate through your WebStore.
  9. Including a virtual keyboard on your WebStore

    Allow shoppers to be able to enter values into text input boxes
  10. Configuration overview

                                                                    Configuration overview...